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August 11, CESHS Medal Ride Off & Horse Show

WEC Stalls & Awards

2012 CESHS Show Programs and Entry Forms


August 11. 2012

2012 CESHS Medal Ride-Off's & Horse Show


Entry Form

       Thank You for showing with us !

 See you at the Banquet, November 24th


Wicomico County Equestrian Center Stalls
for 2012 the WEC is offering stall rental packages.
Rent stalls for the season - $200.00
     1st  payment of $100.00, due by April   15, 2012
      2nd payment of $100.00, due by June 1, 2012___
After May 1st. payment is $240.00 for the season.
                  - otherwise, if available -
Stall rental is $20.00 per 1 day show (
friday until end of show
May June & July 2 day shows - $80.00 for each weekend
For more information:
Contact Ginny - 443-783-5883

                   WEC HIGH SCORE AWARDS !!!!!

Wicomico Equestrian Center is doing “high score” awards again this year. The points will be accumulated from all shows at WEC – The Salisbury Horse Show, WEC Spring, Sussex 4-H, WEC Anniversary I & II, WEC Mid-Summer I & II, and CESHS Horse Show. To be eligible, the rider must be a WEC member – points will accumulate from the time of membership and not before. The 2012 awards, which will be presented in the fall, will be in:
Lead Line
*  Short Stirrup
*  Mini Stirrup
*  Baby Green/Performance Horse and Pony
*  Long Stirrup
*  Equitation Under 14
Equitation 14-17
Equitation Adult
*  Horsemanship –
highest of junior and adult
Delmarva – highest of the three divisions.
English Pleasure Horse or Pony –
highest of the two divisions.
*  Open/Limited –
highest between the two divisions.
*  Children’s Hunter -
highest of Children’s Hunter, Small/Medium
    Children’s Pony Hunter, and Large Children’s Pony Hunter.


See you at the shows